Daniel Stewart MA, LMFT

Mind - Body Psychotherapy and Transformational Life Coaching

(310) 349-3596

Santa Monica Office

Wellbeing Medical Center

900 Wilshire Blvd. #314
Santa Monica, CA 90403

Van Nuys Office

4419 Van Nuys Boulevard,  suite 301

Sherman Oaks CA 91423

Individual , family and couples counseling

A soulful approach to healing mind and body

About my practice:

I have an MA in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology, where we engage the natural healing power of

the psyche, through dream work, symbol, and imagination.  I'm currently working as an LMFT in private practice in

Santa Monica and Sherman Oaks.

My tool box as a therapist is comprehensive. Depth Psychology, positive Self Psychology. Gestalt, Mind body integration and awareness, Yoga Psychology and philosophy, Buddhist philosophy and mindfulness meditation as well as foundation work in trauma and addiction, neurobiology and brain plasticity.

I approach healing in an integrative way -- trusting the mind body connection and aligning with the healthy part of your psyche to discover, with you, where emotion, life force, and creative flow are blocked - and then we work to develop awareness and new ways to live freely and fully.

Some benefits:

Reduction of suffering, depression, and anxiety

Openness to the flow of life

Clarity about life direction and relationships

Alignment with personal meaning and purpose

Spiritual understanding and practice

I hope you’ll contact me today so we can evaluate how I can help you to live more fully and with less suffering. 

"The psyche is a powerful ocean of emotional energy and symbolic meaning. Sometimes we are carried by its deep, unseen currents, sometimes engulfed by its waves and can feel overwhelmed or lost. If we ride these currents though - holding our hand on the tiller of faith, intention, and commitment to our heart practice - meaning, and the freedom of new consciousness, will always rise to meet us exactly where we are, as renewed life force, interest and joy."  

                                                        ~ Daniel Stewart